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HNBGU University Question Paper

ba bsc bcom 2 sem communication english s 324 2018


B. A./B. Sc./B. Com. (Second Semester)



Time : Two Hours ]                                                                 [ Maximum Marks : 70

Note : (i) Attempt any five questions from Section A and any three questions from  Section B.

(ii) Answer each question of Section A within 50 words.

(iii) Limit your answers within the given answer book. Additional answer book (B-Answer book) should not be provided or used.



Note : Attempt any five questions. Each question carries 5 marks.

Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow : Television might be abused and then it may warp the minds of its viewers, especially those young ones, who are sensitive to every kind of impression. But if it is properly used, it may lead to the enhancement of human life itself. We should try my means of this great mode of communication which such an immediate impact on the minds of people who view it, to enable them to cast off superstition, to emancipate their minds from any kind of narrowness, combat every kind of false idea which has taken lodgement in the minds of those people. It is, therefore, a great means of education. We should use it for the purpose and it is my earnest hope that the television will be employed in this country for the good purpose of improving the quality of our men and women and not for making them shoddy and sloven.

(i) What are the results of the misuse of television ?

(ii) What can be the advantage of the proper use of television ?

(iii) What hope does the writer express about the purposive use of television ?

(iv) What kind of people does the writer not want to made by television ?

(v) Give the suitable title of the above passage. Complete the following sentences by using the correct forms of verb given in the brackets :

(i) I ........... her yesterday.                                    (meet)

(ii) The teacher ............ grammar to class X.                 (teach)

(iii) At 6 o'clock ......... in my garden.                             (work)

(iv) My uncle ......... for Kolkata on Monday.                (leave)

(v) He ………. a good job.                                   (get)


3. Find out errors in the following sentences and rewrite the correct one

(i) Two and two makes four

(ii) The man is mortal.

(iii) Do you agree to me?

(iv) You have done a mistake.

(v) You reap as you sow.


4. Punctuate the following sentences :

(i) The weather being fine we went for walking.

(ii) He said to me I shall help you.

(iii) When he came here I was sleeping.

(iv) He infact was a good boy.

(v) What a fine day


5. Differentiate between verbal and non-verbal communication.

6. What are the qualities of a good listener ?

7. Mention basic elements of communication.



Note : Attempt any three questions. Each question carries 15 marks


1. What is effective communication ? How does the seven 'Cs' help in effective communication ? Explain.

2. Describe different kinds of communication.

3. Differentiate between the following terms:

(a) Skimming

(b) Scanning

4. Define Phonetics. Give the list of phonetic symbols.

5. What is mock interview ? Recount the benefits of mock interview.

6. What is the difference between 'hearing and listening ? Describe different barriers to listening.

7. Explain the following terms:

(a) Kinesics (b) Proxemics



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